Leary & Partner’s Assignee Competency Reports


Why Use Our Assignee Service?
There are many reasons why a Body Corporate may choose to outsource the competency assessment of a new assignee to Leary & Partners. Most committee members do not feel competent to assess the abilities of a potential incoming caretaker. A caretaker is required to have a range of skills from administrative and social through to general cleaning, gardening and equipment management. Whereas the outgoing caretaker is focused upon selling the existing business, the committee is left with the task of ensuring that the new caretaker is up to the job.

We have developed sophisticated systems to screen candidates for the specific skills required to service your particular contract and building. If an assignee, in our opinion, does not have the required skills we make a recommendation as to what action should be taken. This frequently involves a training regime that will ensure that they are brought up to speed in a timely fashion. Commissioning an assessment report relieves the committee of an otherwise onerous task and provides them with tangible evidence that a reasonable course of action was taken on which to base their decision regarding the appointment or otherwise of an assignee.

What Do We Do?
Generally our appointment is at the request of the body corporate’s solicitor although the committee may appoint us directly. We make contact with the assignee on site and undertake a thorough oral examination based on our in-house questionnaires that are tailored specifically to your contract and scheme. We walk through the building and grounds with the assignee and continue our examination of their knowledge to determine how they would respond to specific problems on site and whether their suggested response is appropriate. We take into consideration the background and previous experience of the candidate and determine whether they possess the skills required to carry out the contract duties.


What Do You Receive?
We will provide you with a professionally printed and bound report that covers all aspects of the assessment process and makes specific recommendations as to whether we believe the candidate is capable of fulfilling the obligations of the caretaking contract, and whether further training is required to bring the potential assignee to a suitable standard. If appropriate, our recommendations will include referrals to specific third party training organisations. Leary & Partners does not provide training as part of the service, so we have no vested interest in the training recommendations. Please contact our office directly to receive a sample report.

Who Prepares The Report?
While there are a number of personnel involved in the process, David Leary, FAIQS, ICECA conducts the on-site interview and is the author of the report that you will receive. David is the managing director at Leary & Partners and has extensive experience in the preparation of Caretaker Duties Valuations, Performance Reviews and other associated Caretaking reports. Our sample report contains a resumé of David’s qualifications and experience.


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