Workplace Health and Safety Audits

The Workplace Health and Safety legislation in both Queensland and New South Wales makes the body corporate/owners corporation, as the controller of the common property in strata schemes, responsible for ensuring that these areas are safe for both occupants of and visitors to the scheme.

A Leary & Partners Workplace Health and Safety audit identifies potential hazards in the common property, assigns them a risk rating and recommends remedial action. The report provides:

  • a summary of the relevant sections of the workplace health and safety legislation,
  • a clear written description of the hazard and recommended remedial action, and
  • colour photos of the hazards.

Do you need a Workplace Health and Safety Audit?

The following examples illustrate common types of hazards that can be present in your building. A Workplace Health and Safety audit produced by Leary & Partners often covers many more items than the examples shown here. We do not use generic templates. Each report is tailored specifically to each building and its unique hazards. If you feel your building might need a WH&S audit please call our toll fee number 1800 808 991 to discuss your building in more detail.

Examples of Common Workplace Health and Safety Hazards

Slip Hazards

Slippery walking surfaces

Trip Hazards
Damaged or uneven walking surfaces

Items running across or protruding into accessways

Tripping hazards continued

Inappropriate storage of items

 We specialise in workplace health and safety reports for schemes where there is a building management statement/strata management statement in place. Click here to learn more.

Please note: a Leary & Partners Work Health and Safety audit does not investigate the following:


  • fire protection systems,
  • electrical and gas systems,
  • major equipment such as lifts and air conditioning units, and
  • asbestos containing materials.

These items require specialist qualifications and/or licencing to assess. In most schemes, systems such as the fire protection system and lifts will already be tested/checked by other consultants.


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