Shared Facility Services

If you have a Building Management Statement (BMS) or Strata Management Statement (SMS) for the management of shared facilities, our expert team can assist you with a shared facility review. Whether it is for a new or existing complex, our service includes:

    • Identification of the shared facilities,
    • assessing which entities should be contributing,
    • recommending a methodology to determine the equitable distribution of costs between the benefiting entities and calculation of shared facility percentages.

Leary & Partners have assisted numerous strata managers and their clients where there is a BMS / SMS in place, in both Queensland and New South Wales. We have provided a range of services including tender facilitation, replacement valuations, sinking fund forecasts / capital works forecasts, shared facility reviews and assistance with legal disputes. These schemes are numerous and include:

    • Emporium: located in South Brisbane and comprising in excess of 200 lots plus a hotel.
    • Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf: located in Woolloomooloo in Sydney and comprising a mixed- use development of approximately 300 lots including a hotel.
    • Southport Central: located on the Gold Coast comprising a mixed-use of approximately 1100 lots.
    • The Royal: located in Newcastle and comprising a mixed-use development of approximately 170 lots including a hotel.
    • The Hamilton: located at Hamilton in Brisbane comprising approximately 270 lots.
    • Regent Place: situated in Bathurst Street Sydney comprising approximately 530 lots
    • Sundale: located on the Gold Coast comprising in excess of 400 residential units, a shopping centre, childcare centre and serviced departments.
    • Jacksons Landing: situated in Pyrmont in Sydney and comprising Knox, Stonecutter, Silk and Sugar Dock residential complexes.
    • Trio: located in Camperdown in Sydney and comprising a mixed-use development with approximately 440 lots.     
    • In addition to Shared Facility Reviews (see above) our standard services take into consideration BMS / SMS documents in the following ways.

Replacement Valuations for BMS / SMS schemes

    • Our standard replacement valuation reports for BMS / SMS schemes include a break-down showing sub-totals for each volumetric / stratum lot.

Sinking Fund / Capital Works Forecasts

    • We provide reports that customise the shared facility items for each volumetric / stratum lot providing information to facilitate accurate and equitable allocation of levies.

Workplace Health and Safety Reports

    • Each WHS report is individually customised to clearly categorise items within the appropriate volumetric / stratum lot.


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