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Quantity Surveying Services

We provide a wide range of quantity surveying and asset management services. Our most commonly requested services include:

What is a Building Replacement Insurance Valuation?
In a Building Replacement Insurance Valuation, the buildings are the main cost component, but there are others. These include the cost of professional fees, inflationary factors, meeting current building regulations, demolition and removal of debris and the cost of all work external to the building (such as paving, fences, pools and signs). In most states the legislation makes it mandatory that these costs are included in the replacement value of a strata building.

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Building Replacement Insurance Valuations

What is a Sinking Fund Forecasts/Maintenance Plan?
A sinking fund forecast is a budget report designed to assist the body corporate/owners corporation with the long-term funding of common property maintenance.

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Sinking Fund Forecasts & Maintenance Plans

What is a Work Health and Safety Audit?
Work Health and Safety audit identifies potential hazards in the common property, assigns them a risk rating and recommends remedial action. The report provides:

• a summary of the relevant sections of the work health and safety legislation,
• a clear written description of the hazard and recommended remedial action, and
• colour photos of the hazards

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Work Health and Safety Audits

What is a Current Maintenance Schedule?
A Current Maintenance Schedule provides you with a schedule of work items that need to be attended to within the current budget period. Typically these items will be funded from the sinking fund or the administrative fund. In addition we will include reference to more serious maintenance items requiring specialist investigation and possibly a special levy.

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Current Maintenance Schedules

What is a Caretaker Duties Valuation?
Leary & Partners can prepare an arms-length, independent assessment of the caretaker’s role for a reasonable fee. We can also assist with the preparation of a schedule of duties that accurately describes the tasks required (and their frequency) to maintain a complex during its useful life. We have acted as expert witness in Court and Tribunal hearings (including current QCAT hearings) for both caretakers and bodies corporate.

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Caretaker Duties Valuations

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Cost Planning & Feasibility Studies

Taxation Depreciation Report
Many buildings qualify for either a 2.5% or 4% building write off plus deductions on qualifying equipment and furniture. These deductions can be substantial. Tax depreciation schedules...

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Taxation Depreciation Reports

What is an Asset Register?
It is important that accurate records are kept, with values established at the time of preparation of the report. A Leary & Partners asset register will show precisely what is owned and the current value of each item. Only an independent professional can be seen to provide this information accurately and in an unbiased manner. In short, an asset register contains all items other than stock in trade should be included. Contents are accounted for on a room by room basis.

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Asset Registers

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Retirement Village Reports

What is a Contribution Entitlement Analysis?
A Contribution Entitlement Analysis provides you with an expert body corporate cost analysis report. The report will substantiate your resolution without dissent or a contribution entitlement adjustment application (if this is appropriate).

If you are a developer setting the initial contribution entitlements using the equity principle we can calculate your entitlements to comply with the Act.

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Contribution Entitlement Analysis - QLD only

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Post-contract Cost Control

What is an Assignee Competency Report?
There are many reasons why a body corporate may choose to outsource the competency assessment of an assignee to Leary & Partners. Most committee members do not feel competent to assess the abilities of a potential incoming caretaker. A caretaker is required to have a range of skills from administrative and social through to general cleaning, gardening and equipment management. Whereas the outgoing caretaker is focused upon selling the existing business, the committee is left with the task of ensuring that the new caretaker is up to the job.

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Assignee Competency Reports

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